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Real Estate Transaction Mistakes

Legally binding real estate contracts define each party's role and obligations in a property transaction. Attachments to the agreement may include clauses and contingencies. Reading and understanding your contract is important, especially paying attention to specified deadlines and dates, legal…

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Understanding the Internet of Medical Things

A new year brings new technologies into our lives. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) offers ways to reduce medical costs and assist patients, including seniors, with their healthcare needs. What is the IoMT? The Internet of Medical Things refers…

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Shopping Safety Tips for Seniors

Whenever we shop, certain risks are always present. Unfortunately, seniors are more susceptible to these risks. Throughout the year, but especially during the holiday season, criminals target shoppers both in stores and online. General Shopping Safety Tips for Seniors Shopping…

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Why Having a Valid Will is Essential

A majority of Americans think estate planning is important, but only about a third have a will. Those individuals with a will may have moved to a different state or forgot to update their will after life events such…

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Achieving Your Final Wishes

Procrastinating end-of-life decisions is very common. They come with uncomfortable thoughts and choices. However, elder law attorneys make it easier by directing the conversation to the perspective of family members instead. Then you have the opportunity to control the situation,…

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