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Medicaid and the Stimulus Checks

As part of the coronavirus recovery effort, most Americans are getting direct payments from the federal government known as “stimulus checks.” This money is paid to ease the pain of the Covid pandemic and to jump-start the economy.   The…

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A Guide on Caring for Your Elderly Parent

Something inescapable is affecting all of us and our families- aging. It can be challenging for adult children to imagine their parents as seniors and to understand and respond to the reality that each parent will age differently. Even if…

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The Statistics of Retirement Savings

According to the federal Government Accountability Office (GAO), nearly half of Americans aged 55 and older have no retirement savings in an individual retirement account (IRA) or 401(k). Also, while two out of five households do have a defined benefit…

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Living Trusts Help Seniors

It’s an unfortunate fact that seniors can be prime targets for financial abuse and scams. Sadly, the elderly are often taken advantage of by strangers — and sometimes even their own family members. That’s why it’s important that planning is…

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The Importance of a Living Will

The knowledge and technology utilized by today’s medical professionals has advanced immensely in recent years. Nowadays, machines are able to sustain life longer than ever before, but questions remain about what quality of life you wish to have. The answers…

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