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Preventing Unwelcome Medical Bills

The pain of a medical emergency can be unbearable, but when massive bills arrive despite your insurance coverage, it can be even worse. For example, suppose that you underwent emergency surgery for some reason. You scheduled it at a hospital…

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Housing Shortage Affects Seniors

We often take our homes for granted, but they provide far more than just shelter. They influence our emotional, social, and psychological well-being. However, many seniors are at risk of losing their homes. What Do Experts Predict? Currently, we’re headed toward…

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Recognizing and Planning with Alzheimer’s

The diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease can be pretty scary, which is why some people avoid seeing their doctor when the symptoms first appear. However, there are compelling practical reasons to seek answers early rather than dismiss them as unimportant or…

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Be Aware of Senior Fraud

Fraud losses among the elderly exceed $3 billion annually, according to the US Department of Justice. It is believed that $3 billion is a low estimate, as many occurrences of elderly scams go unreported. These statistics rose significantly during the COVID-19…

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How to Live on a Fixed Disability Income

It is still possible for an individual with a disability to maximize their income despite being constrained by a fixed income. Depending on your medical condition, you may face additional costs to meet your unique needs. And your expenses are always…

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How to Stay Mentally Sharp

While age brings wisdom, it also brings some forgetfulness. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep the brain sharp, small daily habits that can reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Exercise is one such daily habit. It increases…

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