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Shopping Safety Tips for Seniors

Whenever we shop, certain risks are always present. Unfortunately, seniors are more susceptible to these risks. Throughout the year, but especially during the holiday season, criminals target shoppers both in stores and online. General Shopping Safety Tips for Seniors Shopping…

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Fraud Against the Elderly

Statistically, fraud is increasing in the senior and near-senior age categories. With more individuals online than ever, scammers are becoming more adaptable and posing as tech support staff, government employees, and romantic partners. Seniors are particularly vulnerable groups as they…

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Housing Shortage Affects Seniors

We often take our homes for granted, but they provide far more than just shelter. They influence our emotional, social, and psychological well-being. However, many seniors are at risk of losing their homes. What Do Experts Predict? Currently, we’re headed toward…

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How to Stay Mentally Sharp

While age brings wisdom, it also brings some forgetfulness. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep the brain sharp, small daily habits that can reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Exercise is one such daily habit. It increases…

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