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Are All Children Entitled to Equal Inheritance?

Equitable distribution of assets among children is an obvious and correct decision in many situations. Yet, in some families, each child receiving the same inheritance can be inappropriate, deplete the estate’s assets due to ensuing litigation, or cause other family…

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Keeping Probate Litigation at a Minimum

There are many family circumstances that can increase the risk of probate litigation, but there are two main causes: disagreements around handling mentally incapacitated family members or, after death, disagreements regarding the dissolution of estates. High-risk factors that often bring…

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The Appointment of Your Legal Representatives

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we learned that life is unpredictable. Too many aging Americans were infected by COVID-19 in 2020 without legal documents naming trusted loved ones to take care of them while they were incapacitated. Family caregivers are generally…

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